Entrepreneurship in
Human Ecology

As an active participant in the university-wide Entrepreneurship@Cornell program, the College of Human Ecology has a range of courses, events, and experiential learning activities designed to help students begin their journey of business creation and success in any discipline.

DEA 1110 - Making a Difference by Design
DEA 4040 - Professional Practice, Ethics and Entrepreneurship
FSAD 6500 - Fashion, Media, and Technology
PADM 5410: Nonprofit Finance and Management
PADM 5341: Fundraising (1/2 semester)
PADM 5620: Lobbying: Theory, Practice and Simulations (1/2 semester)
PAM 3764/PADM 5764: Intellectual Property Law and Policy
PAM 5334: Corporations, Shareholders & Policy
PAM 5170: Market Regulation & Public Policy
PAM 5990 - Challenges and Trends in the Health Services Industry

Experiential Learning
- In the Health Design Innovations Lab, students learn and apply cutting-edge research in healthcare environments.
- Every Sloan student attends the Entrepreneurship@cornell Celebration to learn more about entrepreneurship in the healthcare field.

Academic Research
Textiles Nanotechnology Lab Design Diversions - a curated series of design-related events started in 2010, which serves as both a research platform and an educational and community resource.


About 9% of our students use eHub, the gateway to everything entrepreneurial.


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